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It's taken me, what? Two years to come around to this project again? It all started when I found some default replacements for facial hair by Xandher at TSR, which is how I first jumped into creating. I wanted them in Pooklet's colors and decided to give it a shot myself, only I had no idea where to begin. CrabofDoom and Alfred Askew at GoS were kind enough to humor my blunders, and eventually I did finish the project! It was uploaded here a loooooooong time ago, if anyone remembers how silly my journal looked back then. But now that I've seen what ZeroDark did here this idea is getting a major overhaul.

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At long last! As requested at GoS ages ago.
Remember, you have to have the CEP fix
by revolvertrooper for this set to work as
intended. Without it, things might explode.

in the Dark. Thanks, Zero. <3 )

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